A SweetNight Mobile Heated Wearable Blanket? Brilliant.

If anyone knows me, they know I run cold. I have a body temp of a 95 year old, truly. It’s annoying because I’m usually the only one cold and always uncomfortable. Okay, who am I kidding – being cold is the the worst feeling in the world. It’s not dramatic, it’s just my truth *sigh.* When SweetNight reached out to work me, I didn’t blink an eye. It was an immediate yes because their mobile warming blanket is a game changer for practically, everything.

This mobile warming blanket can be used indoors on your couch as you watch tv, at the dinner table (when no one likes to turn the heat above 65) or in your reading nook, etc. BUT the real game changer is you can wear this outside and you don’t have to be plugged into the wall!

Sweetnight Mobile Warming Blanket

Why SweeNight Mobile Warming Blanket?

How many of you have children and watch their sports/activities outside? Freezing.

How many of you love football or any sport where you get to tailgate before the game? Freezing.

How many of you like to stay active and go for walks (even during the winter)? Freezing.

Camping? Freezing.

How many of you like to travel by plane? Freezing.

Sharing a house with people who like the A/C? Freezing.

Visiting people who don’t turn the heat above 65 in the winter? Freezing.

You get the gist!

I’m heading on a 13 hour flight come July and this WILL be coming with me. Imagine relaxing(?)/sleeping on a plane in a heated blanket? I think my flight just got that much better!

SweetNight Mobile Warming Blanket

Here Are The SweetNight Deets

  • Use it Indoor & Outdoor
  • 700 Fill Power Goose Down
  • Teflon Coated for Wind, Splash & Dust Resistance
  • USB safe heating
  • Connect to a powerbank with USB Type-C to enjoy 140°F (60°C) [Grab your portable phone charger and plug it into the blanket then place in pocket to be on the go]
  • Lightweight, durable and keeps you insulated.
  • Wearable and versatile and can be closed with button snaps
  • The jacket is heated only on the back panel and not all over
  • Ships everywhere
  • On sale for $164 use code MMorgan15% for 15% OFF sitewide!

*This blog post is sponsored by SweetNight. All thoughts are my own.