What to Wear to an August Wedding

designed by merideth morgan

What to wear to an August Wedding?

My cousin’s wedding is only 4 months away!  Okay, so it’s quite a ways away, but of course I’m already thinking about what I’m going to wear!  (My aunt did tell me I had to fall in love before then so I could bring a date—-YA RIGHT)!  I designed this dress when I was at Parson’s, and am dying to wear it.  A wedding, possibly.  May be a little too fancy for his late summer wedding (has a long train and a classy, high slit).  If it’s an evening wedding, I’ve got higher chances of wearing it.  But I am beginning to design another dress so I have options!!

Things to think about when dressing for a wedding:

What time of day?  (Day vs. Evening)

Where (what type of venue)?  (Church vs. Outside) (Holiday Inn vs. Ritz)

Time of year? (Spring vs. Summer vs. Fall vs. Winter)

All of these things will help determine what to wear—length of dress, color of dress, cut of dress and type of shoe.