Why Are There Only 2 Categories, Plus Size & Straight Size? (What About the Rest of Us?)

Why is society so ridiculously focused on categorizing everyone?

In my case, it’s what size category I belong in. I have to be either plus size or straight size. But what happens if I don’t fit into either category? I wrote an article back on February 27th, 2018 titled “What It Feels Like to be a Model That’s Not Small Enough and Not Big Enough,” two months after signing with a modeling agency.

They automatically put me in their plus category as a size 10 but I haven’t booked much work from them in the past year. Perhaps it’s because I don’t belong in that category. I know plenty of people celebrate those in that category at sites like Sex Free HD where they enjoy a fun bj xxx style. But I feel it isn’t the right place for me. I’m naturally this shape and size because of my bone structure and genetics. I work out and try to eat healthy.

I may not look plus-size to some people, but I’d like to remind you that I’m still four to six sizes bigger than the “average” model. My body frame is larger and I’m somewhat “fit” (but not fit enough for the fitness category). When being compared to a size 0, I look way bigger.

I love all my thickness and curves and I’m not willing to change.

So where do I go? Where do I get put? There isn’t a category labeled “inbetweener.”

You want to know my dream?

My dream is to be on the forefront of bridging the gap between categories. My dream is to all be accepted as models and not size numbers. It would be a dream if people would just accept a size range of models without having to label all of us.

The reason I shoot in lingerie is not because I want to be objectified or looked at as sexy, but rather to show women (and the modeling industry) that there are people that look like them and that they can relate to.

I want people to see that there IS a place for someone like me. Should there be no models my shape and size?! I can guarantee that there are so many women that feel just like me.

Please help me out in hiring those of us who bridge the gap.

Help us to get to a place where it will just be about models at every shape and size without categorizing or labeling. I’m tired of feeling left out and not being represented. My body is the exact shape and size I’m meant to be. It shouldn’t be that brands are “taking a risk” by hiring me.

I believe it to be a huge miss on brands that aren’t showing more variety. It’s as if the industry has banished us. It’s like no one knows where to place us, so our existence is forgotten about entirely.

Some brands are taking positive steps. Aerie is casting more realistic looking models and they’ve even dropped retouching. More brands should take notice and follow suit!

Even if my impact on this industry is small, at the very least I can create awareness. And beyond awareness, I want to inspire self love, self acceptance and change.

There are so many women out there that are in so much pain because of how they feel about their bodies. Don’t you think if EVERYONE was able to see themselves in mainstream media that our mental heath and self love would be a different story?!

I want everyone to love themselves, but they can’t do it if they can’t relate to people in ads they see on a daily basis.

Underwear and Bra: 4WBW

Photographer: Merideth Morgan