Pant Guide: 11 Best Pants for Small Waists & Big Butts

What’s up guys! Thank you so much for coming back to channel! Today, I have something really exciting to share with you! As you well may be aware of, it is really challenging to find pants that fit my little ole waist, my wide ole hips and my big ole butt!

And it’s been a challenge since I was a kid. I’ve shed many tears in many fitting rooms, my mom can attest to that. And it’s still a challenge for me today. A lot of the pants that I do wish fit me, don’t. And that’s just a problem that I have. I’ve found that high waisted pants, with stretch work the best for my curves.

I’m going to be sharing with you, my top eleven favorite pants that I currently have in my closet, all high waisted from a wide variety of stores, in hopes that you guys can find a pair of pants that will fit your frame just as well!

(wearing size 6.3)
Target High Rise Camo Print Skinny Crop Jean
(wearing size 28R)
[color accurate in my picture]

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