Valentine’s Day: A Curvy Girl’s Guide to Wearing Sweatpants


Sweatpants have a bad rap because they are traditionally reserved for cooped up days in the house or are your go to home-sick pants. They tend to be ill fitting, are linked to being lazy or a sign of defeat and the last thing people think of when they think ‘sweatpants’ is, sexy. They were once considered a fashion taboo. If you think you can’t dress up the BEST pants that fit us (and maybe the most comfortable pant ever), you’re wrong. So, if you’re like me and have big dreams of living in them, now you finally can!


Sweatpants, hands down, are the pants that always fit me best…time and time again because they pass the two-step qualifications. One, they fit my waist AND two, they fit my thighs. Most often pants are either huge around the waist and perfect in the thighs/butt or more than likely, perfect around the waist (but can’t get them up past my hips to confirm that assumption). I’ve learned that sweatpants should be crowned a staple in my closet. I do love using a curves waist trainer – but lets be honest, you cannot beat a comfy pair of sweatpants!


Now, don’t run to your closet and grab the baggy and frumpy kind from your college basketball days but rather a fitted and tapered pair. Follow these six simple tricks to pull off the look!

1. Find a cut that compliments your curves. The best cut for curvy women is a high waisted and fitted pair that is tapered at the ankle. [General rule: tapered at the ankle will always show off your curves the best]

2. Treat them like a pair of trousers or high waisted denim, literally.

3. Mix high and low fashion [For example: wear your sweatpants with a fur jacket, a silk blouse or blazer, etc)


4. To accentuate your curves, wear your sweats with a playful crop top or a tight tank tucked in so we can see your waist

5. Wearing a classic pump or stiletto is fool proof in order to pull off the look

6. For a more structured look, give your top a front tuck

Get rid of the idea that sweats are only linked to being/looking lazy. How do you like to wear your sweats? Leave a comment below!

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Photography: Julian Ocampo

Location: Williamsburg Bridge