Why Dressing For My Curvy Body is a Challenge


My obsession with lace has become so real as of late. It’s pretty, dainty, uber feminine and romantic. Who wouldn’t love that? Well, it’s not so simple. Curvy girls can’t just throw on anything they find off the rack, which in turns, makes dressing for us that much more of a challenge. For starters, it’s hard enough to find pants that fit properly (on the verge of impossible) and secondly, things simply don’t fit us the same way they do on skinny women.


Take this stunning lace skirt for example. I found it at Forever21 on the sale rack for $11 and knew I needed to have it. There was only one problem – the lining looked like boyshort underwear…and well, someone with curves like mine can’t wear it looking sophisticated and NOT scandalous. Quite frankly, my cheeks would hang out and that’s just not my style and never has been. The struggle is so real.


That brings me to the point of knowing how to dress for your body type. The worst type of clothing is clothing that shows you don’t pay attention to your body type. The way you dress directly defines you. If you walked into my closet, you’d be able to tell exactly who I am, what I think about myself and even moreso on what my career is, etc. When you walk by strangers, you subconsciously reveal to them what your emotions and personality are…and more importantly what you think about yourself!


I once read a book called “You Are What You Eat” and in this case, you are what you wear. What you choose to wear on a daily basis is explaining how you feel about yourself. You should always consider the image you want to project. Someone who wears very revealing clothing may be looking for attention while someone who wears baggy clothing may be trying to hide their body.

So, I bought the lace skirt because I was in love, but made it work appropriately for my body type. And if you ask me, it’s one badass way to wear lady-like-lace! In order to cover up the undies underneath I threw on a longer cable knit sweater which gave my look a combo of luxe and cazh. Throwing on a pair of combat boots totally roughened up the sweetness of the skirt. To top off the outfit, you can throw a leather moto over the sweater. Or ditch the boots and sweater altogether and replace with a pair of heels and a long tunic to give it a feminine look.


Shopping for bottoms isn’t easy for us women that have a curvy bottom. I’m glad to finally see people accepting other glorious body types instead of just the “ideal” stick thin model-types, which has been sadly engrained in little girls eyes on what they should look like. And if you need a reminder on why you should always love your body, I wrote you a letter. Vogue, who declared big butts as a major trend in 2014 (major eye roll), is way late…there’s nothing new or trendy about big booties or curvy women. It’s sad they’re now just starting to appreciate our types…they’ve missed out on us all this time!

Please share with me your struggle with dressing for your body type. Let me know in the comment section below! [This is a safe place for you to share/vent!]

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Photographs taken at Silver Sands Motel by Merideth Morgan.

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