Zara Sale & How I Wore It

I love a good sale. And what more do I love than a Zara sale, you ask? Nothing. Zara’s sale always catches me by surprise, because let’s be honest, if I had the dates of their sale in my calendar it might be a bigger problem. Anyway, I stopped by the store to see what goodies I could find.

I went to a couple different Zara’s for this roundup, so I definitely suggest using your imagination and venturing out to see what you can find at different locations. I say that to those of you who are lucky enough to live by more than one Zara (which might be unlikely, if you’re living in the country or not in a big city!).

So! Enjoy my Zara Sale & How I Wore it video! I’m showing you what I got but also how I would style them. So hopefully this will inspire you to create similar outfits with similar pieces!

There’s more videos where that came from!

*I sadly can’t link anything to the pieces I got because there’s nothing left online! Wah! Best bet is to go into the stores to try and find them!