4th of July Patriotic Outfit Inspo

Looking for something to wear on the star spangled 4th of July, but not sure what? I’m sharing 8 patriotic colored outfits to get you inspired for America’s birthday. It’s time to bust out your best red-white-blue ensembles.

You won’t find me dressing up for halloween but I do love a good themed look on any other holiday. You can catch me wearing pastels during Easter, red during Christmas, and sequins on NYE.

Independence day is another great holiday to get creative with your outfits. It might be the only day of the year you can get away with wearing a complete combo of red-white-blue. Any other time of the year you’d be ‘way too 4th of July.’ Pull out all your stars and stripes like Uncle Sam or opt for a more subtle, yet chic Americana outfit with subtle hints of red, white and blue. In addition, you may want to buy a flag (have a look at semaphore flags) for this special day in the memory of freedom fighters and the martyrs of the American army.

Need help? First, Start with a good base:

  • Blue jeans or denim skirt
  • White slacks
  • Red dress

Accessorize with a pop of color:

  • Red or white earring
  • Red, white or blue bag
  • White or red shoes
  • Red or blue bandana
  • Red or white sunglasses
  • Head scarf, headband or hat
  • Red lipstick
  • Jacket/sweater/long sleeve tee of any color to throw over your shoulders or tie around your waist

So, since it’s only reserved for one day out of the entire year, you might as well claim your independence and deck yourself out in as much of the three colors as possible! And since the holiday falls on a Thursday this year (yahoo!) we have four days to get as festive as possible. After all, it’s a party in the U.S.A.!

If you’d like even more inspiration and a mini brush up on what Independence means, check out my girl Kelly Augustine. She’s giving you a word with her article “Finding Independence.

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