Can We Please Start Normalizing Real Bodies? Great! Then Let’s Talk About My Cellulite

Cellulite is a major insecurity for most of us women. From what I understand, before the 60s, cellulite wasn’t a word. No one cared about it. It wasn’t a thing. Not until Vogue mentioned it in one of their articles, women started worrying about it and wanting to get rid of it.


Let’s get a few facts straight!

  • 80-90% of women have cellulite. You’re a unicorn if you don’t! (or only have 2% body fat)
  • the only person who cares about how our legs look is ourselves
  • cellulite is a natural part of being a woman
  • creams/lotions/spa treatments don’t work (in my opinion)
  • good nutrition and exercise can help lessen the appearance but will not get rid of it completely
  • men don’t care!

What is cellulite?

It’s a mix of fat pockets that get caught between firm bands underneath the skin. The fat gets squeezed by the bands and puckers under the skin, which prompts the skin to appear dimpled. Women are more effected by cellulite than men because it’s worsened by our hormones. Most often it begins to show up in women that are post pubertal. Other causes can be genetics! So mom and dad is to blame! Your weight can also be a cause as well as lack of exercise. And lastly, something that is totally out of our control that can effect it is hormone fluctuation. Ah, the beauty of being a woman!

It wasn’t until I decided to make a change mentally that my life changed. A change that lead me to look at my body in a whole new, positive, self-loving light that could in fact wear shorts. And good God, how glorious it feels to be in shorts when it’s 95 degrees outside!

My story with cellulite

I used to curse my thighs! Cellulite was my nemesis. I spent much of my pre adult years (and most of my 20s) avoiding shorts at all cost. Not only could I never find shorts that fit around my waist, thighs and butt or find a pair that didn’t ride up, but I downright refused to wear them because it would show my dimpled cottage cheese lookin’ legs.

I even went to great lengths to try and get rid of it altogether! I found a spa that had a package of 6 Cavi-Lipo sessions. The site states:

“Cavi-Lipo is a full-body cellulite reduction and body sculpting treatment that helps break down cellulite with fast and uniform results to take inches off while smoothing and tightening the skin simultaneously. Fat cells associated with cellulite can now be eliminated using ultrasound waves that leave the body slimmer and more toned. Results can be compared to liposuction surgery, all without any discomfort or down time.”


They suggest 6-12 sessions. I only had enough money to do 6. Spoiler alert: I didn’t see any results. All the creams and “tricks” that are advertised don’t work. Over the years, on my self love journey, I just started to accept it. I started to embrace it! It took me a long time. Once I realized it was society’s doing that made me think such ugly thoughts about it, that I changed. Total self love and acceptance of me is what it’s all about.

We can only control the controllables!


Mom is right! I feel like mostly everything in life is a choice (except those things that are totally not), but you get the point. We most definitely have control over our thoughts and choices. I could either choose to hate it or choose to accept it. I decided to make the choice to love myself. So I shifted my focus towards the things I loved about my body and spent less time over the trivial parts. Not to get all dark on you, but if I died tomorrow, I guarantee you I’d be kicking myself for wasting so much time hating my cellulite.

What can you do become more comfortable in your own dimpled skin?

We have been taught to value the looks of our bodies. The American standard has been changing (hallelujah!), albeit slowly. It once used to be place where cellulite and fat had no space. Can we please normalize real bodies?! If such a large percentage of us women have it, why have we become so ashamed of it? We need a fresh perspective. We need to change the way we think about it.

Let’s begin to interrupt those old thoughts and find new thoughts that effect us in a more positive way. Let’s begin to train our minds to look at it differently. Can we stop spending time on what men think. Let’s start spending more time thinking about the good aspects of our legs. For example, my legs are really strong, they are the perfect olive shade in the summer and I have really light hair on my thighs so I don’t have to shave as much!


How I plan to help normalize real bodies!

I’m going to continue to post my normal human female body. I will continue to post non sexual nude/lingerie photos that show my body in all of it’s glory. I will continue to show my female human-ness. Let’s get one thing straight, cellulite isn’t a flaw! Neither is my rolled, non flat tummy when I sit down and neither are my droopy saggy boobs that fall to either armpit when I lay down on my back. None of this needs to be “fixed” like you would think. Of course, if it gets you down or makes you feel miserable you can get professional help, but do it for yourself and no one else! You need to feel comfortable in your skin and if that’s what’s going to help you, then go for it! However, I think you’re beautiful the way you are and it’s perfect if seen through the right lens. And that lens is our choice.

Further reading on body confidence and struggles that we can overcome together:

I’m going to continue living my truth in this curvy body of mine and show the world what real women struggle with. I’m also going to continue writing self-help and inspirational articles on how we can build body confidence and how to set body positive goals.

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