Zara Sale Try On

What’s your favorite look?

My favorite sale of all sales in all the world is the one at Zara. It only happens a couple times a year but it’s major. Back in February I did a little haul. What I usually do is, bop around to a couple different locations because there’s always different unique things at each one. Here are the goodies I found!

Because it was a sale, all the items are sold out. So I can’t link anything in this video. I did link similar shoe closets like the one behind me.

✭ All pieces are from February 2020 sale and no longer available online ✭ ✭ Here are some alternatives ✭


White heels:

Black Faux Fur Coat

Green printed dress:

White Sequin Dress:

Blue Heels:

Cream Textured Dress:

Gold Belt:

Silver Top: or

Green shorts:

Mesh Heels:

Fringe Jacket:

Green Silk Dress: or

Olive Down Jacket: or

Floral Shorts: or

White Blouse: or

Tank w/ Feathers:

Denim Shorts:

Multi Colored Strappy Heel:

Green Pleated Skirt:

Feather Top:

Silver Strappy Sandal: or

Music by MYSM – F**cked Up Today –

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