19 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own Lingerie

At MeridethMorgan.com, we’re here to create a comfortable environment for all. We want to help portray a healthier and more positive mindset to seeing a woman’s body. Women in lingerie can be powerful, beautiful, and sexy and not just an object for the male gaze. Although, many women might feel nervous about wearing lingerie in front of their partner, possibly wondering, Do men find lingerie sexy? Or will I look strange? These are all understandable concerns. We want to help break the norm and the unhealthy rhetoric of what society deems as “too sexy.”

For so many years, I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I hid my body from the world. I hid it because I felt ashamed that my clothing fit my body a certain way because of my curves. My waist, hips and butt fit the clothing differently all because I had a curvier body than most. Nowadays, it is true that lingerie companies like Nuudii System are creating bras and inner wear that all women can feel comfortable in. Although they have many options to explore, the way a woman feels in her clothing still determines her overall perspective. I felt like my clothing looked too sexy because it was tighter (and that was bad). And being sexy (or wanting to feel sexy) was bad. So I suppressed it.

When I used to work in an office or when I was preparing my outfit for church, trying to find something “appropriate” was nearly impossible. I needed to make sure I wouldn’t offend anyone or cause any extra attention. So I often dressed in shirts or sweaters that were long enough to cover my butt.

Why do I have to even think about if my “outfit is appropriate” before leaving the house, making sure I choose something that will get me the least amount of attention/sexual harassment on the street. What if men…just behaved? There’s a thought. It held me back from experimenting with my own wardrobe. I was made to play it safe, always. And look at me now! I always buy lots of new pieces of lingerie to prepare for a boudoir photoshoot and I feel more confident than ever! I think the photos look fabulous and I hope you’ll agree with me too.

As you can see from the major backlash from the Super Bowl Halftime Show, women’s bodies are treated as if they’re inherently and dangerously too sexy. That we must abide by what society deems as appropriate. I even heard someone say it looked like a porno! Are you actually kidding? It pales in comparison. What a ridiculous tantrum to throw over seeing a woman’s body in a leotard/dance costume. (Let me remind you that Adam Levine the year before was performing on the Super Bowl stage with no shirt at all. Ohhhh the double standard!).

I grew up in a household that was sexually conservative. So, it’s taken me years to get to this place…this place where I can finally feel totally comfortable with my body and who I am. To a place where sexy means empowerment, not provocation. The place where, if I want to feel sexy, it isn’t bad thing. To a place where being sexy doesn’t mean it has to be for anyone else but myself. Yes, if I want to use female pheromones or get sexy lingerie for myself, why shouldn’t I? Don’t I deserve to feel like the best version of myself?

I was able to get to this place where I finally have a loving and nurturing relationship with my body and care little about what anyone else thinks. [Remember that very first time I published an article in a bathing suit? I’ve come a long way since then]. I’ve downplayed being sexy (or wanting to feel sexy) for so many years. We deserve to feel beautiful AND sexy…without being shamed for it.

Lingerie can do some mighty things for a woman’s psyche. There are so many positive things it can do for us, so I created a list of reasons why every woman should own lingerie! And it has nothing to do with anything or anyone else but our damn selves!

  1. It can help us express who we are on the inside
  2. It lets us express our personalities and emotions that we may not want to share with the outside world
  3. It’s empowering
  4. It can help build our self esteem – our self worth – our self confidence
  5. Because we deserve to feel beautiful!
  6. It signifies femininity
  7. It’s an act of self care
  8. Lingerie helps us connect with our body
  9. It acts as a symbol of our identity
  10. It can be for all types of moods; when we’re feeling romantic, dreamy, flirty, playful, modest, cool, lazy, adventurous, gloomy, mysterious or casual
  11. We can shift the focus from looking good for someone else to looking good for ourselves
  12. We can explore styles/looks we might not be comfortable sharing with the world
  13. It helps us toward loving a part of our body we may not currently love
  14. It helps us overcome being ashamed of how we’ve been made to feel about our bodies in the past
  15. Lingerie helps us reclaim and celebrate our bodies
  16. It helps us rebel against body prejudice
  17. It helps us view our sexuality as something beautiful instead of something we should be ashamed of
  18. It’s liberating!!
  19. It’s for all bodies shapes and sizes

I want to inspire women to connect with their bodies for themselves and to build a stronger, more loving and nurturing relationship with it. Lingerie may attract the male gaze, and that’s okay! But that isn’t the point. This doesn’t have to be for anyone else’s pleasure, but our own.

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All photographs taken by Merideth Morgan.

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